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Find a fair Guatemala, where people are neighbors to each other, sharing the essence of the practice of values, promoting equal opportunities for work to all on equal terms without discrimination of concepts that separate us, where every student breathe peace and the desire to contribute to the communities of our beloved country.


A bit about
Alvaro de Leon's vision

    Alvaro Ernesto was born on January 23, 1977 in Antigua, Guatemala. He was a healthy baby but when he was three years old he lost his hearing. Alvaro completed his basic education despite having to attend schools that did not offer interpreters or special classes for Deaf students. Remarkably, he found work in a bank; first in the department of Filing, and then Microfilming. 

Alvaro used his time productively, which he wrote the first volume of his book, Guatemalan Sign Language that was sold out. 

     In the years that followed Alvaro dedicated himself to adding and publishing the second and third volumes of his book. To support himself, he gave private Sign Language lessons, but he became restless and wanted to accomplish something beneficial to other Deaf Guatemalans.

     Every Sunday he and his family attended the church in their town. After the sermon, they sat down on the benches that surround a nearby park and chat.  Alvaro often noticed two children in the park who were trying to earn a little money by polishing shoes and boots. At first, Alvaro approached them and the children were afraid of him, but eventually, he gained their trust. When he did, Alvaro discovered that they were profoundly Deaf and were not receiving any type of education or skills of any kind.


Meeting those children inspired Alvaro to establish a school for the Deaf, LAVOSI.

     LAVOSI is the school Alvaro and his father established for the Deaf children in Jocotenango. This school allows Deaf Guatemalan children to feel safe, finally understood, and they are being able to understand others. They discover and noticed how important they are to the people and their businesses in their communities and their country. Deaf Guatemalan children can be raised to be a role model for the future deaf generations of Guatemala. Visit LAVOSI at to find out how you can help continue the good work Alvaro began here.

LAVOSI's Mission Statement


Here at LAVOSI, we are exercising our teacher professional work, framed within the principles and values necessary to be an example of the generations who have entrusted us form. Spare no effort in effort to promote our students, in order to make them useful members to their communities and their country.

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The Role of LAVOSI

 LAVOSI improves the lives of Deaf children in Guatemala by providing high quality comprehensive education.  LAVOSI provides an inclusive and full accessible school environment that promotes academic learning, social development, job readiness, dignity and acceptance as Deaf individuals. 

    The importance of language and understanding of Deaf Culture are vital to us.  We, LAVOSI believe that language access and education are the keys to ending the cycle of discrimination and poverty, which too often negatively impacts the Deaf Community.

    Empowering Deaf individuals has a significant impact on Guatemala’s Deaf Community. LAVOSI was founded and is leading by a native Deaf Guatemalan: Alvaro De Leon. Through his hard work and determination, he created a unique school that empowers Deaf children to face their future with a sense of hope and optimism.

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